Source: Free digital photos by digitalart

Source: Free digital photos by digitalart

(Versuri dedicate mamei mele Florica)
Cu drag Tincuta Miclau

The rhythmical tunes from my native land
Take me back to the place I always reminisce,
With every step my heart follows
Yarning to feel the joy within

The music fades
Yet in a trance I still remain,
I dance forth with no guide,
Only the memories to show me the light

The soil beneath my bare feet,
Ofthen heard my laughter
As the folk music played every night,
And filled the air with delight!

The fields were in season and ready for harvesting
My parents would work from dawn to dusk,
And my little hands helped where they could,
In a vilage that time has forgotten!

Oh, how I once loved this land
So full of life and blissfulness,
I now walk upon the dry land where my mother is buries,
On the soil that has taken her away from me,
And can feel her with every step I take!

Her long dress and apron I remember,
With the fragrance of the farm on her clothes
I would sit on her lap and feel her heart beat
Which I now so much long for!

Her love for the land was so great
That it compared only to the love for my sister and I
This land now grows stale,
My feet are coarse from the harshness of the field and dirt
And here we worked
Growing up on a farm now bare of the love it once

(Aceste versuri vin din povestirile pe care mama mi le povestea
mie despre copilaria ei!)


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